AKOIO empowers individuals to live the company’s motto of  “Conquer Life™” 

Our goal is to defy the traditional boundaries of disability and expand the essence of accessibility, a transformational experience.
We've worked with some of the largest and most successful brands and bring over 20 years of insights around retail customer and user experiences, product design and best practice development.



Bill Schiffmiller
Founder & CEO

Bill founded AKOIO™ with the vision to provide solutions for those with accessibility needs. He leads the team on the AKOIO DISPENSER™, the first product to be provided to the hard-of-hearing community. His vision for the dispenser is to bring its benefits to all hearing aid users worldwide by making it the defacto standard in the way hearing aid batteries are sold, carried and disposed of. As Accessibility Advocate at Apple, Inc., Bill spearheaded cross-departmental initiatives to support its global retail operations. He is a former Visiting Assistant Professor of Design Management at the Pratt Institute and Founder of the AKOIO Foundation.

Clay Burns
Chief Product Officer

Clay co-created the concepts for the AKOIO DISPENSER™ and AKOIO Renew™. He leads a multidisciplinary design and engineering team to support manufacturing and launch and invent future AKOIO innovations. Clay is a Visiting Professor of Product Design at Wharton and has led universal and sustainable design teams at Smart Design, BioLite, and S’well.


Marius Quintana
Director of Design

As AKOIO’s industrial designer, Marius co-created the design for the AKOIO DISPENSER™. He supports conceptual designs for current and future AKOIO innovations. Marius advises companies on innovation and product development, his clients include Smart Design, OXO, HP, Sara Lee, Johnson Controls and Rubbermaid. He teaches at Parsons (New York) and Istituto Europeo di Design (Barcelona) on Human Factors and Ethically Responsible Design.





Steve Prumo
President, Indigo Consulting
Consultant to small- to mid-sized companies on profitability. 35 years at Energizer, V.P. Technology & Engineering, GM, Global Speciality Business.


Steve Hockridge
Independent Consultant, Business and Operations Strategy
25 years at Energizer, GM Global Specialty Power and Director of Lean Manufacturing


Michael McPhie
Product and Operations Leader
20+ years driving innovation, technology teams and initiatives. Past companies include Apple, Visa, and Tellme Networks (acquired by MSFT).


Sam Frentzel-Beyme
CEO, Diligent Rocket
15 years as strategic branding expert helping leaders better create value, engage people, and drive growth. Clients include Unisys, AT&T, Varley Group and Events DC.


Angie Echele
Sales and Market Leader
20+ years driving major brands. Consultant to Anheuser-Busch. Former Group Director at Energizer, Brand Marketing, Specialty Batteries. She was Sales Director at Kmart and Target for Energizer.